About Us

Four generations over nearly 100 years, and an enduring passion for producing classic Piedmontese wines and fine sparkling wines.


Giulio e Dino Rossello


The historic winery


The estate-owned vineyards in Cortemilia


A sound history

For over 90 years our wines have been present in the homes of Italian families.

Undisputed quality

Quality wines with strong territorial character.

Reassuring confidence

We have a broad customer base of long-standing customers. This is our finest achievement and source of great satisfaction.

Exclusivity of our wines

We choose to supply our customers directly to preserve the exclusivity of our brand.

Direct contact and personalised service

One of our staff will be your contact person, providing advice based on your tastes and needs, and assisting you in selecting wines for your own cellar or for gifts to loved ones.

Timely service

Our products always get to your home, throughout Italy, promptly and with care.

Value for money

High quality products at the right price.