A family winery, which started in the early 1900s in a fertile and exclusive area for wine production.


Bernardino Rossello and his wife Caterina


Pietro and Dino Rossello, second and third generation


Dino and Giulio Rossello, third and fourth generation


Key milestones


The Cavalier Bernardino Rossello founded Rossello Wines in 1920 driven by a love for his land, Cortemilia, home to excellent vineyards, and a passion for wine.


Since the 1950’s and 1970’s, Pietro and Dino, second and third Rossello generation respectively, were running the company, who saw a growth phase that inevitably passed from selling bulk wine to producing a family brand, in the bottle. The business was achieved through the sale technique of those times: telemarketing. In this way it was possible to establish a direct relationship with private customers by delivering the wine directly to Italian families. In addition, Rossello wines have always been sold to the hospitality and retail sectors (HO.RE.CA): the hospitality and hotel industry still represent a broad section of the market.


The fourth generation
Then came Giulio Rossello, son of Dino, in the year 2000, to bring the company to its 100th year anniversary with a new push for growth and innovation: the passion handed down through his family coupled with his international background provide new opportunities and future possibilities, in Italy and abroad.