The Winery

The main requirement for obtaining quality wines is the grape selection, a philosophy that has always accompanied the development of our winery.


Family winery.


The pupitre and barrels.


Barrel tasting.


The production

The philosophy that has always accompanied the development of our winery is based on careful selection of grapes, the first and most important requirement for obtaining quality wines. Over time, through the introduction of modern techniques - in vineyard cultivation and winemaking – our production standards have improved every day to obtain our current range of wines.

Our winery in Cortemilia, established last century, has preserved its history and winemaking traditions of the past, while introducing technical and professional improvements over the years necessary to meet new challenges, new markets and a changed consumer, both private and retail.

Sales channels

We have always chosen diversification in the wine range, thus being able to serve a wide and diverse audience, pleasing both connoisseurs and young consumers.

One point of difference is the sales avenues in which we operate: the end consumer, through telephone sales and personalized delivery service, and hospitaliy and trade, equally important and challenging in the sales industry.

Home delivery and hospitality / trade (HORECA)

Our tailored services dedicated to these two channels, allows us to preserve the exclusivity of the Rossello brand, without going into large retail distribution.
Since our beginning, this choice was aimed at maintaining a range of prestigious products, which places the utmost attention on developments and the evolution of the customer, both private and hospitalty and trade.
Throughout four generations of passion for great wines, we continue to respect today the same principles of the founder, Bernardino, that has brought the wines to the table of our loyal customers, for nearly one hundred years.