The region

The company was created in Cortemilia, the most important town of the Alta Langa,
in Piedmont, known for its traditional products, from wine to hazelnuts, and a destination for more
and more visitors and wine and food lovers from around the world.


The terraces of Cortemilia


The terraced vineyards


Il Dolcetto d’Alba De.C.O. Cortemilia

Cortemilia, a land of great wines


Cortemilia is located along the road connecting Turin to Savona, about 30 km from the beautiful city of Alba, the White Truffle capital, Barolo, wine center of excellence, and Acqui Terme, a famous thermal spa.
Cortemilia has always been considered the Capital of I.G.P Piedmont hazelnuts,, the exquisite nut that helped make this area famous and important; after being characterized for many centuries as an agricultural center, Cortemilia has also in recent years developed an unique landscape and food and wine of the highest quality: after almost 100 years since the founding of Rossello, our commitment it is to keep the story of this land intact, while spreading its beauty and traditions.

The Terraces

A region now of great wines, known throughout the world, in which armers, in the previous centuries, have learnt to conquer its tough nature, rugged and difficult, by managing to plant vineyards in the Alta Langa with its spectacular and extraordinary formations: the Terraces. What makes Cortemilia and its nearby areas unique and charming is the spectacular amphitheater of hills covered in vines, the famous stone Terracing, which define the landscape and the terroir with its distinctive climatic conditions (altitude and slope of the vineyards and fluctuating temperatures). The terraces are built of sandstone that store heat during the day and release slowly at night thus contributing to a strong influence on the grapes - and consequently the wine - produced here. From these terraced hills comes special and unique wines like no other in the world, such asDolcetto d’Alba D.O.C, awarded the De.C.O. (Municipal Designation of Origin) in 2014. Also Chardonnay, Barbera d'Alba and Nebbiolo are the grape varieties typical of the area in which wine producers of the place, like our company since 1920, have believed in, invested in and promoted worldwide.

The De.C.O. project

The certification project "De.C.O. Cortemilia" (Municipal Designation of Origin) was created to protect and promote the agricultural heritage and terraced landscapes of the town of Cortemilia. The De.C.O. certification of Cortemilia guarantees, through its seal, only products whose production chain is completely carried out within the municipal boundaries. To be awarded this designation, products must pass a strict quality examination, through tastings carried out by experienced professionals. In 2014, the Dolcetto d’Alba D.O.C. Rossello produced by Rossello, in limited and numbered bottles, exclusively from grapes coming from the Municipality of Cortemilia, was awarded the De.C.O. certification (Municipal Designation of Origin).